Our services

At our company, we provide top-notch financial and strategic consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Below is a detailed overview of our service offerings:

Investment Moderation

a. For Investors:

We offer a comprehensive package including:

  • Feasibility study for pre-negotiations

  • Estimation appraisal and result-based evaluation

  • Strategic solutions for both inbound and outbound investments

  • Detailed analytics for pre-contract stage

  • Intervening and finalizing negotiations

b. For Clients Seeking Investors:

Our services include:

  • Detailed analysis to determine the right investment solutions

  • Consultations for investment preparations

  • Business evaluations and project measurements

  • Assistance in securing investor commitment

  • Appraisals to vet potential investors

  • Counselling and finalizing negotiations

Our investment moderation service is designed to cater to both investors and companies or projects seeking investors.

With our investment moderation service, you can:
  • Quickly secure suitable investors

  • Maintain long-lasting relationships with investors

  • Minimize time spent on investment negotiations

  • Safeguard yourself against potential risks

  • Make timely and vital investments

Project Consultancy

Our project consultancy service aims to support businesses aiming to make positive and socially responsible impacts in society. We provide comprehensive solutions, including:

  • Strategic Project Solution: From feasibility research to actual implementation, we assist in bringing your business ideas to life.

  • Project Development Processing: After conducting a pre-feasibility research, we provide detailed project planning, taking into account the interests of both project implementers and sponsors.

  • Project Implementation Support and Control: We guide all project team participants, ensuring all project goals are met within the required timeline.

Our project consultancy service is:

  • Grounded in thorough internal and external research

  • Built upon solid business models

  • Aimed at strategic project implementation

  • Determined by investment features

  • Defined by the core business concept

Strategic Consulting for Business

Our strategic consulting service assists businesses in overcoming daily challenges and making optimal long-term decisions. It is ideal for:

  • Businesses that are operational but have not yet set strategic goals

  • Businesses experiencing decreasing profits despite expansion

  • Businesses not fully utilizing their capacity and abilities

  • Businesses facing significant decision-making challenges

We offer comprehensive analytics, providing deep insights into the operational efficiency of your business. Through our strategic consulting service, you will receive unbiased, professional feedback that enables the improvement of your business's structure and effectiveness.